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Escorts and Sexual Services in Melbourne

88onloganThe Boardroom of Melbourne

The Boardroom of Melbourne is a high end, award winning brothel and escort agency located at 53 Market St, South Melbourne. They cater to men and couples and have a wide selection of ladies on around the clock 7 days a week and bookings can be made by calling (03) 9699 1711


ladyofpleasurePleasure Dome

Pleasure Dome is an agency operating city wide that offers the services of Transexual, Men and Women Escorts. Pleasure Dome has been around now for over 22 years and prides itself as being up there with the best, to quote them: “When we say “Melbourne’s Finest” We at The Stable, provide that service, our place or yours.” You can call them on (03) 9696 2222, or drop in at 44 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne.


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Questions about Melbourne Escort Services

We often get asked questions about the different services around Melbourne. You can see some common questions and answers below and on our FAQ page.

a Melbourne based EscortYou might be surprised to hear but prostitution is, in fact, legal in Australia. The city of Melbourne and the state of Victoria has had a long history with the world’s oldest profession. A better way to describe the industry might be to call it “government regulated”. Quite the opposite of the seedy image the industry has in other countries, prostitution is legal and highly regulated by government framework.

Are Escorts and Prostitution Legal in Melbourne?

Absolutely. But bear in mind that only in certain parts. For example, street prostitution is illegal in Victoria and the city of Melbourne. Street sex work can often be dangerous for both the prostitute and her clientele, so this fact is one meant to protect both parties. Prostitution is relegated entirely to licensed brothels, escort agencies and specific premises.

In Victoria, there are 95 licensed brothels and 2007 small owner-operators which are all registered officially with the state.

The history of escorts and prostitution in Melbourne

Melbourne itself has always had a connection to or reputation for street life. Originally a gold mining town, the massive influx of predominantly male gold-rush immigrants forced the government’s hand to tolerate the escort profession. Very soon after, a rather obvious district of brothels developed on the north-eastern side of the city.

Police activity here was kept primarily to containing the inhabitants and workers of the area. Attempting to keep Melbourne escorts and prostitutes out of “respectable residential areas” was their main job in regards to this area of the city. Their presence was tolerated so long as they operated primarily in the slums.

It was during this time that Madame Brussels’ high-class brothel was established in Lonsdale street. She and the girls who worked there formed an interesting story of the years that is well worth a read. In fact, one of the premier Melburnian retail precincts is named after her, Madame Brussels Lane.

Female rescue organisations began campaigning in the 1890’s and early 1900’s. They led a campaign of attempting to rescue the working women who they saw as victims of unrestrained male sexuality. This, in turn, led to a crackdown from local police who soon decided to take more decisive action; actions which included harassing brothel owners and street-walkers and attempting to expel them from the city of Melbourne. This led to less prostitution within the heart of Melbourne and rather than decrease it, the industry simply moved to Fitzroy, Collingwood and St Kilda. The trade was left largely to itself in these locations, with far less harassment from police or female rescue organisations.

Escort Services on offer

the escort services in MelbourneThe kind of escort services available in Melbourne brothels are much as you might expect. With rates being split most commonly by time spent as well as whether you are visiting by day or by night.

Expect to pay more for an escort. Melbourne Escorts tend to be stunning, private, sensuous and discreet. These girls can visit you in your hotel or serviced apartment so long as it is within the Melbourne CBD. If you are unwilling to visit the brothel itself, this is the best option for you.

Alongside the many wonderful escorts and brothels available within Melbourne, are the many available strip clubs. Some of the best being Centrefold Lounge, Dreams Gentlemen’s Club and Goldfingers. You’re hard pressed to find something that isn’t to your taste.

Prostitution Regulations

As mentioned earlier, the industry is heavily regulated by the government. This is done to allow the industry to operate while keeping the sex workers and clients to proceed safely.

For instance, the difference between a brothel and an escort agency is that clients come to a brothel’s place of business which is subject to local council planning controls, whereas an escort agency can send workers out to meet with clients at their home or hotel.

A brothel or escort agency is not allowed to advertise its services and cannot serve alcohol on the premises.

Smaller scale owner-operator brothels and private escort workers are not required to apply for a licence as brothels and escort agencies must. But they are still required to be registered with the government.

These and more are things you need to know about the history and regulatory framework of prostitution in Melbourne and the wider state of Victoria. It is an interesting history and the regulations set down by the government over time have allowed the industry to grow and expand. This, in turn, has allowed it to flourish and offer a wider variety of services. In fact, people seeking to take part are spoiled for choice in many ways and you are all but guaranteed to find something to your taste in the city of Melbourne.